Top 5 Best Drawing Tablet With Screen for Beginners [Review & Guide]

Best Drawing Tablet With Screen for Beginners
Best Drawing Tablet With Screen for Beginners

The world of digital art is an endless expanse of possibilities. Nowadays, you don’t need to spend thousands on a fancy computer setup to get started with digital art; all you really need is the best drawing tablet with screen for beginners and the right laptop.

While the market offers plenty of options for both, it can be confusing trying to figure out which one will work best for your needs. This guide will help you find the best drawing tablet with a screen!

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Before moving further, let us tell you that we have been reviewing different products for a while, for example, the best tablet for Blender. You can also check our Tablet section for more reviews like that.


The drawing tablet with a screen has changed the way that many people create art. These tablets are designed to allow you to draw directly on the screen, which makes them great for beginners who want an easy way to get started in digital art.

If you’re looking for the best drawing tablet with screen for beginners but don’t know where to start, check out our list of some of the best options available right now.


Best tablet for drawing
HUION Kamvas 13 Graphics Tablet
Check Price
Drawing tablet for beginners
Best PickWacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet
Check Price
Best drawing tablet for beginners
XP-PEN Artist22E Pro Drawing Tablet
Check Price
Best digital drawing tablet
Budget PickVEIKK VK1200 Drawing Tablet
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Best budget drawing tablet
Staff PickWacom One Drawing Tablet
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Best Drawing Tablet With Screen for Beginners

HUION Kamvas 13 Graphics Tablet

Best tablet for drawing

HUION Kamvas 13 Graphics Tablet
HUION Kamvas 13 Graphics Tablet – Credit:
Dimensions14.43 x 8.56 x 0.46 inches
Weight2.16 pounds

The premium screen technology delivers crystal-clear images and the 13.3-inch display has a 1920 x 1080 FHD IPS panel. The 178° viewing angle is perfect for side-by-side working and drawing in natural light. Compared to previous models, the performance and quality are improved and the added features make the experience even more enjoyable.

The HUION Kamvas 13 Graphics Tablet is one of the best tablets for drawing on the market. It was designed to create beautiful work, like paintings, comics, and more. It was built for artists who want to create with total creative control. Letting you draw with your stylus, it’s made to provide the most natural drawing experience for artists of all skill levels.

This best drawing tablet with screen for beginners has a high-quality and portable pressure-sensitive stylus. It has 8 express keys and 8192 pressure sensitivity. The product also comes with an adjustable stand, which is very convenient for users to adjust the pointer position accurately.

A great art tool for artists, graphic designers, photographers, and digital artists. The compact design of the HUION Kamvas allows for easy storage in a drawing case or bag. With a wide range of utility and creativity at your fingertips, this high-end drawing tablet is the perfect companion for a newer artist.


  • 13.3-inch screen
  • PC, Mac, Android support
  • Full Laminated Screen
  • Battery-Free Stylus
  • 8192 Pressure Sensitivity
  • 8 Express Keys
  • Adjustable Stand


  • Some Connectivity Issues

Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet

Best Pick

Drawing tablet for beginners

Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet
Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet – Credit:
Dimensions‎16.2 x 10.4 x 0.7 inches
Weight‎3.3 pounds

If you have been concentrating more on your drawing then you would love to have a Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet, this is the one that you should get. It is a digital drawing tablet that will help you able to create better artwork than ever before. This tablet is a perfect choice for both professional artists and beginners who want to be able to express themselves better.

A highly practical and convenient way to work on-screen, the Wacom Cintiq 22 delivers everything you need to start creating right away. And with Wacom Pro Pen 2 technology, it’s truly intuitive for precision drawing, drafting, illustration, stencils, stenciling, screen editing, photography, expression painting, web design, graphic design, CAD & animation.

Wacom technology delivers advanced functionality with sensitive pen strokes that are recognized by the monitor for absolute accuracy. The Wacom Cintiq 22’s pen is equipped with an 8,192 pressure level for exceptional accuracy. Low activation force and tilt recognition give you full control of your strokes so you can focus on what you’re doing.

This drawing tablet for beginners comes with a detachable pen holder that allows you to keep your pen and also has 3 replacement nibs that are easy to change. With the adjustable stand, you can place the tablet in its perfect working position. This device is compatible with Mac computers and Windows PCs.


  • 1080p HD Screen
  • 8192 Pressure-Level
  • 21.5 inches screen size
  • Wacom Pro Pen 2 technology
  • USB, HDMI ports


  • Heavyweight
  • Not much portable
  • Expensive

XP-PEN Artist22E Pro Drawing Tablet

Best drawing tablet for beginners

XP-PEN Artist22E Pro Drawing Tablet
XP-PEN Artist22E Pro Drawing Tablet – Credit:
Dimensions22.32 x 12.83 x 1.18 inches
Weight14.99 pounds

XP-PEN is a professional multi-tasking tablet designed for professionals and artisans. The XP-PEN Artist22E Pro Drawing Tablet aka the best drawing tablet with screen for beginners is a modern multi-purpose drawing tablet that can be used as a traditional drawing digital art. It has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and supports both Windows and Mac OS.

With an easy-to-use interface, it can be used to display and edit multiple documents and programs at the same time. If you love to draw, this drawing tablet will give you an experience of art like never before. There are also 16 Express keys available on it more usability.

A flexible, connected, and versatile drawing tablet that is ideal for artists who are looking for a solution that can handle a variety of work. A 21.5-inch screen with 1080p resolution is perfect for artists who want to create in large format, while the adjustable stand allows for easy drawing at varying angles.

The 178-degree wide-viewing angle makes it easy for you to see your work no matter where you are in relation to the screen. Drawing digital art with a computer has never been easier. This best drawing tablet for beginners from XP-PEN provides both the accuracy and responsiveness needed to produce digitized images.


  • 21.5 inches IPS Monitor
  • 8192 Level Pen Pressure
  • 16 Express Keys
  • Adjustable Stand
  • USB HDMI VGA available
  •  Compatible with popular digital art software


  • Too much weight

VEIKK VK1200 Drawing Tablet

Budget Pick

Best digital drawing tablet

VEIKK VK1200 Drawing Tablet
VEIKK VK1200 Drawing Tablet – Credit:
Dimensions12.52 x 7.4 x 0.51 inches
Weight1.78 pounds

Drawing, sketching, and painting are the most common applications of this drawing tablet. They are designed for digital artists who prefer to draw or paint using digital tools. These drawing tablets are made by integrating drawing technology into computer hardware.

The VK1200 tablet comes in an elegant black design with an industrial style to complement its industrial use. This industrial tablet is super slim at just 0.51 inches thick, yet it comes in a full laminated screen which gives the tablet extra durability and support for big projects.

A full 11.6″ active area is great for modern drawing, drafting, and CAD software applications. This tablet comes in 1920×1080 HD IPS screen with 120% sRGB gamut for colors that are accurate and vivid. You will enjoy better accuracy when using this drawing tablet because of its high pixel density.

VEIKK VK1200 Drawing Tablet is the best digital drawing tablet for illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, painters, architects, 3D modelers, CAD designers. It is the perfect tool for quick and easy digital sketches and drawings, photo retouching.


  • 11.6 inch Full-Laminated Screen
  • Tilt Function
  • Battery-Free Stylus
  • 6 Shortcut Keys
  • 8192 Levels Pen Pressure
  • 1920×1080 IPS display


  • Not compatible with Chromebook

Wacom One Drawing Tablet

Staff Pick

Best budget drawing tablet

Wacom One Drawing Tablet
Wacom One Drawing Tablet – Credit:
Dimensions‎8.86 x 14.05 x 0.57 inches
Weight4.23 ounces

This best drawing tablet with screen for beginners comes with an innovative digital pen that is designed to allow you to be more productive when working on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The pressure sensitivity of the pen lets you control the level of thickness you want, without the need for complicated settings.

Whether you’ve always considered yourself a sketcher or it’s just something you’ve always wanted to try, this Wacom One Drawing Tablet with a natural surface is perfect for you. Come in handy if you’re an aspiring artist, designer, or even just someone who likes to draw.

The 13.3″ display has a natural feel with a smooth sensitivity that mimics the feel of traditional pen and paper. It provides the most natural pen-on-paper experience without any of the drawbacks you get with traditional pens. The Wacom One is the best choice for artists who want to draw, write and sketch with perfection.

You can use this one of the best budget drawing tablets with Chromebook, PC, Mac, or android thanks to the compatibility of this amazing device. With only 4.23 ounces of weight, you can carry it anywhere you want and make perfect designs and arts while on the go.


  • 13.3 inch Pen Display
  • Compatible with Mac, PC, Chromebook & Android
  • Lightweight
  • Feels like a natural surface
  • Pressure sensitivity


  • Some connectivity issues

Buying Guide for the Best Drawing Tablet With Screen for Beginners

It is not difficult to find a drawing tablet with a screen. But finding the best one for you can be tricky if you are a beginner at art or digital design. Here are some points that will help in choosing the right product:

Pressure Level: You need to see how much pressure the device allows. If you are a beginner, then go for at least 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. A pressure level of 2048 ensures that you will get the softest and strongest lines depending on how much force is applied.

Size: Another important factor is size. If you are just learning, then a medium-sized drawing tablet would be best for you. Make sure it has enough space to fit all your fingers and work with multiple windows at once.

Compatibility with OS: Most of the drawing tablets with screens are compatible with Windows and Mac. But there are a few which also work on Linux or Chromebook. You need to be sure about your OS before buying one such tablet.

Portability: Portability is an important consideration in choosing the best drawing tablet with a screen for beginners. Go for a lightweight and sturdy device that can be carried anywhere without occupying much space. But if you are the one who likes to work in one place, then there is no need to worry about portability.

Pen: The pen is also an important factor. You need to see if the model that you are interested in comes with a battery-free pen or not. Battery-free pens are better for beginners because they have added features and can be easier to use.

Resolution: The more the resolution, the better would be the drawing experience for you as well as the end result that comes out of it. So go for at least 1920 by 1080 resolution!

Shortcut Keys: These help you get used to your device more quickly and work with it better as well. So make sure that a model or drawing tablet comes with at least 4 customizable hotkeys for shortcuts!

Price: Last but not the least, you need to consider how much it will cost. It is important that your budget doesn’t go overboard because there are some cheap drawing tablets with screens available on the market that have all the basic features! So don’t break a bank just for an advanced device if you are new.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a drawing tablet worth it for beginners?

If you’re just getting into digital art and want to learn how to create your own drawings, then a drawing tablet is an excellent way to start. It allows you complete freedom of movement and flexibility in creating art, which is something that a mouse doesn’t provide.

A drawing tablet for beginners lets you work from your computer or laptop with the same control as using paper and pen on a piece of paper.

Does a drawing tablet need a computer?

Yes! you’ll need a computer or laptop to actually use it. Using the touchpad on your laptop isn’t going to give you the freedom and flexibility that a drawing tablet will provide for beginners.

What is the difference between a graphics tablet and a drawing tablet?

A graphics tablet is an alternative to a mouse that allows you to draw, paint or edit images with greater speed and precision. A drawing tablet goes further than this by simulating the look of working on paper using digital tools like pens, pencils, and brushes on a screen. A graphics tablet can be used for photo editing as well as design work but it does not provide the same experience as a drawing tablet.


If you are looking for the best drawing tablet with screen for beginners, then the above-mentioned ones will definitely be of great help to you! While they all have their own pros and cons, none can beat Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet when it comes to price vs. performance ratio.

We hope you found this blog post helpful. If so, please share it with all your friends!

Thanks for reading and happy drawing!! 🙂

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