Top 5 Best Plasma Cutter With Built In Compressor

Best Plasma Cutter With Built In Compressor
Best Plasma Cutter With Built In Compressor

Plasma cutters have become a staple in any workshop, garage, home, or office. They’re versatile machines that can handle a wide range of tasks, from simple cuts to some heavy metal fabrication projects.

Do you need a plasma cutter that can handle larger jobs? Or are you in the market for a plasma cutter with a built-in compressor? If you’re either of these types of customers, you’ll be happy to know that there are many great plasma cutters on the market today.

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In this article, we’ll take a look at the 5 plasma cutters with built-in compressor, and we’ll also share some tips on how to choose the right plasma cutter for your needs, and answer some questions you might have about this popular tool.

List of Products

DesignAir CompressorRetailer
Budget PickWARCKING Plasma Cutter
Check Price
Staff PickPowermax 30 AIR Hand System
Check Price
Hobart 500564 Airforce Plasma Cutter
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Rstar Plasma Cutter
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Best PickTHERMADYNE Air Cut 15C Plasma System
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Best Plasma Cutter With Built In Compressor

WARCKING Plasma Cutter

Budget Pick
WARCKING Plasma Cutter
WARCKING Plasma Cutter
Dimensions‎20.75 x 15.8 x 14.8 inches
Weight‎45.2 pounds

WARCKING Plasma Cutter integrates an air compressor into its design, making it one of the most powerful and versatile plasma cutters on the market. Not only does it has built-in air compressors, but it also supports external air sources that make it a great choice for those in need of more powerful air pressure. Be sure to check out this amazing product if you’re in the market for an efficient and easy-to-use plasma cutter.

If you are tired of using the wrong tool for the wrong job, then you need to invest in a plasma cutter! This powerful machine can easily cut any kind of material, with little to no effort on your part. From stainless steel and alloy steel to low carbon steel and copper, this plasma cutter will make your cutting needs easy and hassle-free. And since it’s convenient, safe, and low-cost, you can see for yourself how it can revolutionize your work.

Say goodbye to unreliable and uncomfortable cutting jobs! With the WARCKING Plasma Cutter, you can finally enjoy accurate and consistent results every time. Its advanced cooling system will ensure that while you cut, the machine will never overheat, and the durable construction ensures that your plasma cutter will last for years. Finally, the manufacturer believes in giving back that’s why they offer a one-year warranty on this product.


  • Built-In air compressor
  • Supports external air source.
  • Convenient, safe, and low cost
  • Advanced and efficient cooling System
  • Premium quality


  • Currently no significant drawback

Powermax 30 AIR Hand System

Staff Pick
Powermax 30 AIR Hand System
Powermax 30 AIR Hand System
Dimensions16.5 x 7.7 x 13.1 inches
Weight35 pounds

If you’re in the market for a superb air plasma cutter, then you’ll want to invest in the Powermax 30 AIR Hand System. With its incomparable performance and cutting-edge features, this machine is sure to fulfill your every need. Not only is it powerful and reliable, but it’s also incredibly easy to use – perfect for beginners and those who are new to the plasma cutter world. Although this top-of-the-line machine is expensive, but it’s surely worth its price.

If you are always on the go and find it difficult to carry an additional air compressor with a plasma cutter, then this product has arrived to put an end to your struggles. Compact and lightweight as compared to its counterparts, this air compressor is excellent for putting power in your hands. With Auto-Voltage technology, you never have to worry about voltage fluctuations or losing power which is perfect for any situation.

With the Powermax 30 AIR Hand System, all your worries will be a thing of the past! This professional-grade plasma cutter with an air compressor makes it easy to take it with you wherever you go. With its rugged design and superior cut quality, it is perfect for any workshop or home usage. Its cutting speeds are fast enough to handle even the most demanding projects, so don’t wait any longer and ease your life with this plasma cutter.


  • Internal air compressor
  • 120 or 240 V power
  • Auto-Voltage technology
  • Lightest weight system
  • Rugged
  • Fast cutting speeds


  • Too Expensive

Hobart 500564 Airforce Plasma Cutter

Dimensions16.5 x 18.5 x 11.25 inches
Weight‎31 pounds

Want to get the job done right, the first time? Look no further than the Hobart 500564 Airforce Plasma Cutter – a cutting-edge machine made for professional use. Fueled by electricity, this machine cuts faster than oxy-fuel, meaning you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. With a built-in air compressor, you’ll never have to worry about struggling with an extra air compressor. It’s perfect for projects that require precision and accuracy, making it a must-have for any tradesman or professional.

When it comes to cutting the perfect piece of material, there’s no comparison to this. With a powerful cutting ability and a compact lightweight design, this machine is for both professional and DIY use. Whether it is metal, aluminum, or any other material you can think of, this machine will make quick work of it. And because there’s no need for any specific setup, you can get started right away.

Whether you’re in the construction or industrial industries, you need a powerful cutting tool to get the job done. The Hobart 500564 Airforce Plasma Cutter is ideal for those who are looking for a tool that is both efficient and affordable. It’s a great choice for those looking to work in a calmer environment with its low noise compared to other plasma cutters.


  • Built-in Air Compressor
  • Cuts faster than oxy-fuel
  • Smaller heat-affected zone
  • No gas pressure settings
  • More precise cu


  • Does not have a non-touch pilot arc.
  • Not recommended for use with a CNC cutting table.

Rstar Plasma Cutter

Rstar Plasma Cutter
Rstar Plasma Cutter
BrandRongcheng Welding Equipment Factory
Weight40 lbs

Get more done in less time with Rstar’s plasma cutter. This powerful machine boasts an air compressor that allows you to work faster and easier, meaning you’ll be able to finish more jobs with less annoyance. Plus, its intuitive design makes it easy to cut through even the toughest materials. Now you don’t have to wait, you can order this best plasma cutter with built in air compressor and get started on some amazing projects.

If you always wished you could just turn on the machine and get to work, then your search ends here. This cutting machine is a marvel of modern engineering – perfect for those who are in a hurry. Not only does it cut faster than acetylene, but it also cuts with greater precision and a thinner kerf, meaning less slag to clean up. And if you’re looking for a safer option, you can just go with this top-of-the-line product.

Some larger, more expensive machines can’t cut as straight or cleanly as a Rstar Plasma Cutter. That’s because this plasma cutter is powered by high-performance components that deliver ultimate cutting performance with minimal fuss. Plus, its small size and light weight make it easy to move around and take with you on the go.


  • Built-in air compressor
  • Safer and less costly
  • More precise cut
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


  • Only single phase
  • Can’t operate on 110v

THERMADYNE Air Cut 15C Plasma System

Best Pick
THERMADYNE Air Cut 15C Plasma System
THERMADYNE Air Cut 15C Plasma System
Dimensions23.1 x 11.4 x 12.3 inches
Weight33 Pounds

Plasma cutting is the process of using a heat beam to cut through materials by breaking them down into small pieces. Thanks to the THERMADYNE Air Cut 15C Plasma System, you can now easily and efficiently cut through a variety of materials with ease. Whether you’re in need of a precise cutting edge for your next project or just want to save time and effort, this plasma cutter is flawless for you! It operates on 110 or 230 volts, making it versatile and compatible with different electrical outlets.

It should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a plasma cutter that can handle some hefty cuts. With its superior cutting capacity of 1/8 inch, this machine can handle even the most difficult materials with ease. Furthermore, its 25% more power means that you’ll be able to finish your project faster than ever before. So this is the machine that will allow you to start slashing through those stubborn materials like a true pro.

Have you ever wished you could just go to the store and buy plasma cutters without having to worry about the mess? Well, your prayers have been answered! The THERMADYNE Air Cut 15C Plasma System is a portable plasma cutter that is going to make your life much easier. Just plug it in and start cutting – it’s that simple! This system is suitable for businesses, home shops, or anyone who wants to get their hands on a plasma cutter.


  • All in one system
  • Can operate on 120/230v
  • Cutting capacity of 1/8 inch
  • 25% more power
  • Portable machine
  • Durable
  • 1 yr warranty


  • No drawbacks noted

Buying Guide

Plasma cutters are popular for a reason – they can create beautiful, precision cuts. But which plasma cutter is the best for your needs? In this buying guide, we’ll take a look at some of the key factors to consider when purchasing a plasma cutter. So whether you’re looking to buy your first plasma cutter or you’re thinking of upgrading your current machine, read on to get the best advice!

Cutting Capacity: When you’re looking to buy a plasma cutter, the first thing you need to decide is the cutting capacity. This is the maximum amount of material that the cutter can cut in one go. The higher this number is, the better – as it will allow you to handle larger pieces of material with ease.

Some plasma cutter models have a cutting capacity of up to 1/8 inches. Others are capable of cutting at 3/8 inches or 1/4 inches. For most purposes, however, a plasma cutter with a cutting capacity of 1/8 inches will be adequate.

Be sure to read reviews and compare different models before making your purchase so that you get the best possible deal.

Power: A plasma cutter should be powerful enough to handle the toughest of materials, without breaking down. You don’t want to have to wait for a new plasma cutter to come every time you need to tackle a tougher project. Make sure that the plasma cutter you’re looking at has a high power rating. This will ensure that it can handle even the most challenging cuts without faltering.

Weight: The weight of a plasma cutter is important because it affects how easily the machine can be moved and operated. A lightweight plasma cutter will be easier to move and maneuver than a heavy one, which is important if you plan on using it in a workshop or other area where space is limited. So, if you’re looking for the best plasma cutter for your needs, make sure that its weight is appropriate.

240V or 120V: When you’re looking to buy a plasma cutter, you’ll need to make sure that the one you choose is compatible with your home’s or workshop’s electrical outlet. Plasma cutters come with 240V, 120V, or both options.

The best bet is to buy one that can be operated with both 240 and 120 volts because it’ll give you the edge of using it anywhere. But if you are not a person who’s on the go then you can choose one with either 240V or 120V depending on the power source of your home or workshop where you work.

Warranty: You need to make sure that the plasma cutter you are buying has at least 1 year of warranty so that you can replace it or get it repaired by the manufacturer if something goes wrong. Usually, the plasma cutter has a limited warranty which means this warranty will not cover any damage that may be caused by incorrect usage or accidents.

If something does go wrong with your plasma cutter, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer in order to get it fixed or replaced. Make sure to keep all your original paperwork and proof of purchase in case you need to do so.

Price: Price is one of the most important factors to consider for practically anything. You want to make sure you’re getting a good deal on a quality machine that will last for years.

There are a few things you can do to find the best price:

  • Check online reviews: The best way to determine whether a plasma cutter is a good investment is to read reviews from other buyers. This will help you identify any common problems or shortcomings with the machine, and it will also give you an idea of how well it performs in general.
  • Compare prices at different retailers: Not all plasma cutters are created equal, and some may be priced higher than others because they have more features or offer better customer service. So, it’s worth checking out several different retailers before making your purchase.
  • Ask around: Sometimes people know of great deals that they’re not able to mention publicly. So, ask your friends, family members, or coworkers if they know of any good deals on plasma cutters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a compressor for a plasma cutter?

Yes! you’ll need an air compressor for the plasma cutter if the plasma cutter doesn’t have a built-in air compressor. Having a plasma cutter and air compressor separately can become a problem if you have to move often from one place to another. So if you are a person who travels a lot with its equipment, then the plasma cutter with built-in compressor is most suitable for you.

Is a plasma cutter with built-in air compressor worth buying?

A plasma cutter is a powerful tool that cuts through tough materials like metals and aluminum with ease. Buying a plasma cutter with an air compressor can be an expensive investment, but it may be worth it if you plan to use it frequently.

How to choose the best plasma cutter with built in air compressor?

Choosing the best plasma cutter with built in air compressor can be a challenge, but fortunately, there are many options available on the market. Before making your purchase, it is important to research all of the different types of plasma cutters and their features. Make sure that you find one that fits your specific needs and requirements.

Some factors to consider when choosing a plasma cutter include power, cutting capacity, power source, weight, and dimensions. Other essential factors to take into account would be warranty–including how easily you can operate the machine–and price range.

Once you have narrowed down your search based on these critical parameters, it is time to choose which model is right for you!


Thanks to the latest technology and increased demand, today’s plasma cutters come with ultimate power and can run at a higher speed. As a result, you will get professional-level designs in just a few seconds. All these features make plasma cutters one of the top options when it comes to cutting jobs.

The best product will make your work easier because you don’t have to invest in the additional air compressor. To sum it up, if you are looking for new equipment or want to upgrade your existing machine, then make sure to try out our list of the best products available in the market.

We hope that by reading our selection of the best plasma cutters, you’re ready to make your purchase! Check out each one of them and decide which one suits your needs best. Additionally, you can use our buying guide to make sure that you buy the right model in the first place.

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