Why are Smaller Laptops More Expensive Than Desktop?

Why are Smaller Laptops More Expensive Than Desktop
Why are Smaller Laptops More Expensive Than Desktop

The main reason laptops are more expensive than desktops is due to the development costs associated with creating technology that is both compact and performs to expectations.

Price Differences Due to Differences in Each Component

Here’s a quick rundown of the primary components that affect price, along with an explanation of why.


On a desktop computer, this capability isn’t available. You can use a UPS which is a battery-powered device that connects to the mains energy and allows you to preserve all of your work before safely shutting down your computer.

You can use the laptop without plugging in the power charger for several hours at a time if you have extra peripherals connected in. This is something that raises the price of making a laptop. Even though it isn’t an expensive component but it contributes to the total cost.


When compared to a standard-sized desktop motherboard, more components must be incorporated into the motherboard in a smaller footprint to make a laptop as compact as possible.

With a smaller motherboard, there are more design challenges to overcome. A few of them are given below:

  • Smaller-footprint components must be chosen because they provide the best solution for their size.
  • Because there are so many components connected on a tiny motherboard, circuit routes must be constructed with very small clearances.
  • The component layout must be carefully considered so that issues such as shielding, performance, and heat do not arise.


Modern laptops like the best laptops for software engineering students now use an M.2 SSD as the primary disc. This is fantastic news because SSDs don’t have the drawbacks of mechanical drives and give an exceptional performance while being so compact. Normal hard disks in laptops are more undersized and compact too as compared to desktop drives.


In computers, a mobile processor is a central processing unit. They work in slightly different ways when it comes to power consumption. Special consideration must be given to achieving appropriate levels of performance while utilizing as little electricity as possible.

Power management features are quite significant, and they add some more expense to the development process to reach a satisfactory result. CPUs are frequently soldered directly to the motherboard using a BGA to save space (Ball Grid Array). Small balls of solder are heated and melted to link solder pads on the motherboard and the CPU.

Graphics Processing Unit

In a laptop, the graphics processor is implemented in one of two ways.

Integrated Graphics

Integrated graphics refers to a graphics processor that is built into the CPU.

Dedicated Graphics

For graphics-intensive processes such as gaming and obs streaming, a separate graphics processor is attached to the motherboard, resulting in improved performance.

Having a specialized graphics processor on the motherboard necessitates further development to integrate and cool the extra semiconductor package on a compact motherboard. This raises costs, which is why a laptop with specialized graphics will cost more.

Reasons That Make a Smaller Laptop More Expensive


Laptops are extremely portable due to their compact and slender form. You may effortlessly transport a laptop in your bag and complete your tasks without the need for a desk or table like desktop computers do. You don’t have to worry about being late with your work reports no matter where you are.

It’s also no secret that one of the reasons why PC users prefer laptops to desktops is their portability. Even laptop manufacturers such as HP, ASUS, and Dell are developing new technologies and hardware to make their laptops lighter, easier to carry, and compact, allowing you to complete all of your tasks from anywhere at any time.

On the other hand, because desktop computers are made up of so many interconnected elements, carrying them is nearly impossible. They are designed to stay in one place. Laptops are more expensive than desktops since making a product portable is difficult and even costly.

Power Efficiency

Another element that makes laptops more expensive than desktops is their power efficiency. Laptops have a large battery. It may keep them alive even if they are not always connected in, allowing you to roam around freely without having to take the charging wire with you.

Laptops are also manufactured with smaller components that consume less electricity. Even most laptops don’t have a dedicated graphics card and instead rely on integrated graphics, which saves a lot of power. Furthermore, power consumption is affected by the screen size. A laptop’s screen is substantially smaller than that of a desktop computer, thus it uses less electricity.

To function, they require a continual power supply. Furthermore, because desktop components are larger and more power-demanding, they consume more energy. In the event of a power loss, you will lose access to your desktop computer.

As a result, laptops have a more power efficiency advantage over desktops, making them more expensive. but gaming laptops may have short battery life.

Expensive Components

When you compare the hardware of laptops and desktop computers, you’ll discover that the components are identical in both.

You must purchase a keyboard, mouse, and other accessories such as a webcam separately when purchasing a desktop. However, when you buy a laptop, it comes with all of these components already available, so you won’t have to buy them separately.

When you examine these factors, it’s easy to see why laptops are more expensive than desktop computers.

Higher Demand

It’s no secret that laptops are more popular than desktop PCs among PC users, especially for business and personal users. The importance of desktop computers has waned in recent years.

Because of the laptop’s portability and on-the-go benefits, people are increasingly converting from desktop to laptop computers. Even a low-cost laptop can be carried around and used to do tasks quickly. People are buying more laptops than desktops because of their portability and flexibility, which has an impact on laptop prices.

Screen is Included

The screen is another clear reason why laptops are more expensive than desktops. However, when comparing the costs of laptops and desktops, this factor is sometimes overlooked. A screen is standard on all laptops.

Separately purchasing a screen or monitor might add anywhere from $100 to more to the cost of a new computer. Of course, you can purchase a complete desktop solution that includes a monitor, but these are typically expensive monitors that might or might not have high-quality visibility.


There are a variety of different factors that affect the price of laptops. The price of the laptop is determined by the hardware inside, the size, the brand, and the popularity. This article has covered each of these factors and explains why smaller laptops are more expensive when compared with desktops.

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