Top 5 Best Heater For Small Greenhouse

Best Heater For Small Greenhouse
Best Heater For Small Greenhouse

As a greenhouse gardener, you need to be mindful of all the elements that can affect your plants. So, a heater for a small greenhouse can help you keep the temperatures at a sweet spot. Today, there are many greenhouse heaters on the market. It is hard to determine which one is the best heater for small greenhouse. That is why we have decided to write this blog.

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In this blog, we will discuss the best greenhouse heaters and provide you with a buying guide so that you can pick the perfect product for yourself.


Everyone wants their plants healthy; it does not matter whether it is summer or winter. The best and ideal opportunity to set up your greenhouse for the coming cold weather months is to introduce a greenhouse warming system during winters.

You have to think about the greenhouse’s temperature initially; it depends on which type of plants you have and where you live. Maybe they do not need a high amount of heat. After that, you have to choose the heater to keep your greenhouse’s temperature during the winter season.

Here we are going to examine some of the heaters that will be helpful for you to make a better decision for choosing the best heater for small greenhouse.

Summary for the Best Heater For Small Greenhouse

Best PickBio Green PAL 2.0/USDT Palma Greenhouse Heater
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Heater DR218-1500W Greenhouse Infrared Heater
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Budget PickSimple Deluxe Standing Heater
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Staff PickAOBMAXET Electric Greenhouse Heater
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TRUSTECH Heater for Greenhouse 
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Best Heater For Small Greenhouse

Bio Green PAL 2.0/USDT Palma Greenhouse Heater

Best Pick
Bio Green PAL 2.0/USDT Palma Greenhouse Heater
Bio Green PAL 2.0/USDT Palma Greenhouse Heater
BrandBio Green
Dimensions11 x 8 x 12.5 inches
Weight10.8 pounds

Here we have one of the best heater for small greenhouse, which can heat the area to 120 ft. And the significant thing about Bio Green PAL 2.0/USDT Palma Greenhouse Heater is that it will be safe to leave unsupervised, and you can maintain heat according to your desired temperature. You don’t need to worry about checking the temperature again and again.

Furthermore, it can automatically switch on and off where you set your required temperature. This heater has a fan setting with quality of air movements which will be helpful in the summer season because also in summer plants need pollination; it seems like a bouns quality.

When it comes to material quality, it’s made up of Stainless Steel heat elements. This heater has a comprehensive amount of benefits, but it is also not expensive. It has high potential and is also a perfect energy saver. You can use it in indoor and outdoor greenhouses.


  • Easily heating capacity 
  • With digital summer/winter thermostat
  • Display x4 splash-proof
  • Very inexpensive to operate


  • You may encounter problems with the thermostat

Heater DR218-1500W Greenhouse Infrared Heater

Heater DR218-1500W Greenhouse Infrared Heater
Heater DR218-1500W Greenhouse Infrared Heater
BrandDr. Heater USA
Dimensions10 x 10 x 15 inches
Weight12.8 pounds

Here we have a second product that will be very useful for your greenhouse to make your plants fresh and not make your plants freeze. It has a high potential to produce heat up to 1500watts which can maintain the greenhouse’s temperature and prevent the soaking of plants.

Moreover, Heater DR218-1500W Greenhouse Infrared Heater is portable and very lightweight. You can keep it wherever you want or move it from one place to another without the hassle and will not get stuck in the wiring.

It has fan-forced air technology with excellent performance, which emits heat to your greenhouse’s corners and can deliver reliable and efficient warmth to your greenhouse plants. It can protect your plants against splashing water, prevent them from becoming moisturized, and keep your greenhouse warm.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Protected coverage
  • Produces 1500Watt


  • Little bit expensive
  • No automatic thermostat shutting off feature

Simple Deluxe Standing Heater

Budget Pick
Simple Deluxe Standing Heater
Simple Deluxe Standing Heater
BrandSimple Deluxe
Dimensions23.6 x 23.6 x 14.9 inches
Weight26.9 pounds

The fantastic quality of this heater is that it is made up of durable aluminum that can withstand rough and tough usage. It has a high capacity to produce heat within some minutes, which will help you maintain the temperature of the greenhouse in cold regions.

You don’t need to worry about safety because this best heater for small greenhouse can stop overheating if the temperature reaches potentially dangerous levels. In case you are planning to use it in your home, you can be assured that it’ll be safe for your family, especially for kids and pets.

Simple Deluxe Standing Heater is a multifunctional product that will surely surprise you. When you use it in your room, it can also increase your metabolism and enhance your blood circulation because of its infrared technology. It has two modes which produce heat from 750 to 1500 Watts.


  • Quick Heating
  • Overheat Shelter
  • Adjustable Modes
  • Quality Assured


  • Not good for outdoor use

AOBMAXET Electric Greenhouse Heater

Staff Pick
AOBMAXET Electric Greenhouse Heater
AOBMAXET Electric Greenhouse Heater
Dimensions14.76 x 11.3 x 7.91 inches
Weight8.71 pounds

Now we will tell you about one of the most intriguing electric heaters for your greenhouse. AOBMAXET Electric Greenhouse Heater works perfectly and will instantly warm your greenhouse; meanwhile, it also can be stored in a small space because of its design. A fantastic feature of this heater is; it has a thermostat that can control the temperature of your greenhouse and gives overheating protection.  

Furthermore, it has a high potential to warm your greenhouse, efficiently can heat 150 ft² of space. It is just not for the greenhouse; it is also helpful for garages, kitchens, living rooms, workshops, and basements.

If you are looking for a budget pick, you should go for it because it is tagged with a price of around $120. Isn’t it great? It is effortless to function, has two modes, a fan, and a heater can produce heat up to 1500 Watts. It is very energy-friendly and will save your electricity bills, making you confident while using this heater.


  • Anti-Slip Design
  • Portable Greenhouse Heater
  • Thermostat
  • Energy saver


  • Not much useful for a big house or large outdoor spaces

TRUSTECH Heater for Greenhouse 

TRUSTECH Heater for Greenhouse 
TRUSTECH Heater for Greenhouse 
Dimensions24.4 x 6.3 x 7.3 inches
Weight3.99 pounds

Let’s look at another product; if we discuss its functionalities, it would be a long list. It has a high capacity to heat the greenhouse immediately. The display is very catchy; you can easily use it and not be too troubled about the operations because of this touch screen quality.

This best heater for small greenhouse can also operate remotely without any hassle, making your life easier; you may use this heater without leaving your comfort place, You can modify the time and power level to get the coziest condition and save energy efficiently. It has a red carbon fiber tube that emits radiation that will not damage your plants; isn’t it amazing?

Some heaters produce too much voice, which will disturb you and your family, but TRUSTECH Heater for Greenhouse has a shallow sound so you can sleep with peace of mind in case you use it in your house. If you are looking for a low-budget heater that fulfills your heat requirement of the greenhouse, you should buy this adorable heater, which will never disappoint you.


  • Digital Screen with Remote Control
  • Safety Timing
  • Adjustable Power Level
  • Contains Red Carbon Tube
  • Low voice producer 


  • Only suitable for small greenhouse

Buying Guide for Best Heaters for Small Greenhouse

Portability: The essential feature of the heater is it should be portable; you will feel free to move the heater from one corner to another corner, whether you use it in a greenhouse or your own house. It should be easy to carry and use where you need heat.

Size: Size matters a lot because if your greenhouse is large in size and you use a heater that has a low capacity to produce heat, it will not be enough for your plants. So make sure your heater is of the size that will produce heat according to your greenhouse.

Energy Saver and Capacity: Some heaters have a high capacity to produce heat. Still, on the other hand, the negative point is they use a lot of energy, which will increase your bill, So make sure choose that heater that does not only have high capacity but should be an energy saver.

Thermostat: Another important attribute while choosing a heater is a thermostat. Once you adjust the heating point and heater spreads heat all over the desired area, it should have a feature to shut off automatically without any hassle.

Types of heater: There are three types of heaters: electric, gas, and passive solar heat. If you are looking forward to the heater, you may want the heaters, which are affordable, efficient, and heat greenhouse within some time.

  • Electric heater: Electric heaters are more efficient than gas heaters because gas heaters emit harmful gases that may negatively affect plants’ health. And also, an electric heater has more operational tools than a gas heater.
  • Gas heater: If you want to use the heater for a big space, then a gas heater is better because it is cheaper than an electric heater. Generally, gas is more affordable than electricity, so the gas heater is more efficient for you in a prominent place.
  • Passive solar heat: The third type is passive solar as its name shows its quality; it absorbs heater from the sun and then produces heat. But it has a limited capacity to emit heater because heat depends upon sunlight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Heater For the Small Space Greenhouses?

If you check out in the market, there are many options, but we tried our best to help you choose the best heater. According to our analysis, TRUSTECH Heater and Simple Deluxe Standing is the best option for your greenhouse.

What kind of heater can you use in a greenhouse?

Whether you need to rescue your plants and vegetables in cold weather, you can choose electric heaters, propane gas, and natural gas heaters.

Which precautions do you need for your greenhouse?

It would help if you choose a heater that can automatically shut off when you are not available in the greenhouse. It will help to secure you from any loss of plants or vegetables.

How warm should you keep your greenhouse in the winter?

Usually, the temperature for the plant in the greenhouse is around 20 to 25 degrees Celcius, and the suitable humidity would be approximately 90%.


We tried to suggest the best heater for your small greenhouse, that would be beneficial for the growth of your plants. There are many heater types, but the best one will accomplish your demands and necessities.

You can also see other choices, but in the end, it all depends upon your greenhouse and the plant; that is what kind of heater you need. You have to choose the right heater that emits heat that would benefit your plant’s health.

We hope that you have found our list informative. If you have any questions regarding the best heater for a small greenhouse, you can ask us in the comment section or can contact us at

Happy Shopping!!!

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